Wellbeing at Work

Working with the Brain

We now all know that it is vital that people are supported to have wellbeing at work if they are going to contribute all they are capable of…and if they’re going to have a good quality of life. However, the pressure can be high, the pace fast and the challenges complex. Remaining well can be tough. 

As a previous student of medicine, Amy knows only too well the impact ill health (mental or physical) have on our ability to function. Keeping well can feel like a mystery with so much (often conflicting) information out there. Focusing on the evidence-based approaches that can be built into daily habits simplifies the noise and equips your people to be proactive and responsible. 

In this keynote, Amy helps you to ACE (TM) your wellbeing. Using the latest behavioural science to make the overwhelming and confusing become clear and within reach. Know the practical steps you can take to future proof your health and wellbeing.

The Wellbeing at work keynote

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • Want a ‘fact not fluff’ approach to wellbeing and to be equipped with the latest science in this area. 
  • Value high performance and recognise the impact ill mental or physical health have on these. 
  • Genuinely want people to be as well as possible while striving for excellence. 

The Audience will leave with…

  • Refreshed focus on the importance of looking after themselves, AND ideas of what they can do. 
  • Certainty around the evidence based approaches to enhance their wellbeing and compassion for those who may find it hard. 
  • Confidence that they can make time for themselves and to support their colleagues.

Wellbeing at work

Full Keynote Description

Understanding how to look after your own and your colleague’s wellbeing means you are likely to: 

  •       Get sick less often (physically or mentally).
  •       Feel more in control.
  •       Be better able to contribute in and out of work.
  •       Enjoy life more.

Most people have some ideas of what they ‘should’ be doing. The questions are whether those things will give them the desired results, and how to sustain the desired behaviours. That’s where this keynote comes in.

We unpack what the research says to ensure their goals are going to give them what they actually want. Then we work on how to ensure their goals become a reality using the latest behavioural science. 

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