Sustainable High Performance

Unlocking Whole Brain Potential

The question most leaders ask us? How do we get the sustainable high performance from people that we know they are capable of?

AKA: How do we unlock their full potential? 

Most organisations follow ‘best practice’ that worked for a very different era. Today’s needs are different. AND we actually know how people work best; from scientific research. Amy has saturated herself in this research for 25 years and she is super excited to share the secrets of how to work WITH your brain with your people. 

This flagship keynote reveals how to use the Whole Brain PotentialTM framework that has emerged from 20 years of research and working with organisations to help them sustain the high performance their people are really capable of. People realise they have the control to contribute what they knew they were hired for and excites them to deliver.

Sustainable High Performance Keynote

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  •     Where their success depends on them using their brains as well as possible.
  •     Who are looking for a way to approach performance enhancement that doesn’t result in employee burnout.
  •     Who value a science-based approach to people development.
  •     Who strive for new ways to develop their brain potential.

The Audience will leave with…

  •     An inspiring new-found respect for what the human brain is capable of.
  •     A clear framework to apply to their everyday work to improve performance in a brain-friendly way.
  •     3 key evidence-based habits to start strengthening right away to improve performance.

Sustainable High Performance

Full Keynote Description

There are high expectations of organisations today. This is passed down to leaders, managers and everyone involved. It can be stressful and frustrating when people know they aren’t contributing all they can to a company mission they believe in. 

Science continues to reveal how we can help people to perform at their best. This keynote draws on the latest neuroscience and behavioural science to equip your people with the practical steps they can take to be more effective and efficient. We share the framework that everything can be fed through to take practical, tangible steps to make things better. 

Attendees are inspired and their confidences raised to do what needs to be done having been empowered with the evidence. People say they are excited to make changes knowing that they will lead both to better performance of teams, but also a healthy, holistic result where people are also more engaged and fulfilled.

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