Science of Behaviours

Building Behavioural Flexibility

People are busy. They are cognitively overloaded. Their hearts can sink when you tell them more changes are needed. And for valid reasons…it is an energy intensive process to consciously make changes. When people don’t have extra reserves it can be an uphill battle. That’s why it pays to understand the science of behaviours. 

During our partnership with the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change, working with some of the best minds in Europe on changing organisational behaviours, we saw what works and what doesn’t. This keynote will shortcut a lot of costly trial and error for you equipping you with the science you need to change behaviours quickly. 

Combining our ACE (TM) approach with insights into the different brain networks you want to be activating means people are empowered to start designing their own nudges. We can also include the LANDSCAPE FOR model which helps people to get their neural biases working for them rather than against them.

The Science of Behaviours Keynote

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • For whom behavioural change is critical to organisational success.
  • Where there is a healthy respect and curiosity towards what science can add to how people can change most efficiently and comfortably.
  • Who may have been on a change journey for some time or know change is about to ramp up.

The Audience will leave with…

  • The SP step by step framework for approaching any form of behaviour change.
  • A practical awareness of what influences behaviours in themselves and others.
  • Fresh insights around change and how to feel differently about it when it’s approached in a way that’s aligned with how people really change.

Full Keynote Description

If you need to change behaviours quickly, sustainably and without piling on a load of pressure to people then you need this keynote. Change can be hard…but it can also be more straightforward if you understand which brain networks to target. 

We share a series of frameworks and models to give people confidence to understand and apply the science of behaviours. In times of frequent change, we need people to be able to keep up. Organisations that really understand how to change efficiently will have a competitive advantage. 

Our brains do change throughout our life, by understanding how, you can intentionally influence the process – rather than undesirable changes creeping in. Come with the behaviours you want to change in mind and put them through the approaches we teach to start enjoying the benefits immediately. 

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