Learning at Work

Working with the Brain

People are busy! Learning at work is not always as high up on the priority list as other things, and therefore gets bumped when things get even busier (which, let’s be honest, is frequently). People also report that some people don’t want to change, and don’t feel it is as easy to learn new things anymore. The good news is…learning is much easier when you’re working with the brain. 

Everything Amy has implemented through Synaptic Potential’s work with organisations honours how the brain learns and changes. All interventions, learning journeys, experiences and whatever else you call them are elevated when designers and learners themselves actually understand how the brain works. 

PUSH (TM) into Learning at Work is the simple yet deep and powerful evidence-based framework we share in this keynote to equip people to redesign how they learn. You can use it to strengthen a learning culture, personally learn more efficiently and effectively or as a foundation to any programme you are designing for others. 

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • Who are keen to know practically how they can fit more learning into an already busy schedule! They are struggling to make time for learning at work.
  • Who know the world isn’t going to stop changing, and so they need to keep up and keep adapting.
  • Want to develop healthy learning habits (with a science underpinning).

The Audience will leave with…

  • Clear understanding of how they learn and what actually contributes to learning.
  • The SP step by step framework for maximising all learning opportunities, and what that means you should do every week.
  • Cool learning habits that support our PUSH into learning approach.
  • A refreshed excitement towards learning!

Full Keynote Description

We all know that to continue to be innovative, cutting edge, future-proofed and even healthy we need to keep learning. But do you really know what goes on in your brain when you learn? How to make it as efficient as possible? Time is precious. 

This keynote is shining a light on the most valuable insights the brain has to offer to equip you to learn most effectively. Our PUSH (TM) into learning at Work reveals the core principles of learning that you need to build everything around. We share tips and tricks for building efficient learning habits into your weekly routines.

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