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Working with Brains

Leaders need a lot of skills. There is so much on our leader’s plates today. The expectations are huge. Some have traits and skills that naturally predispose them to great leadership – but still crave the reassurance that their decisions and approaches are wise. Others have the potential, but need to understand more about how people work so they can bring out the best in them. 

A 2-year research project led to the Hallmarks for High Performance that we introduce leaders to during this keynote. Our multidisciplinary team sorted through all the data and then, by understanding the brain networks and processes involved, summarised what leaders need to know to help them work with people’s brains rather than against them. 

Focusing leaders on the things that they can do that will deliver the greatest benefit in today’s cognitively overloaded environment is incredibly valuable. Leaders going through this keynote report feeling like they finally have the scientific validation to do what will enable them to lead well.

This Keynote is perfect for audiences…

  • Who are smart leaders, who don’t want any fluff and are open to just how impactful their leadership is.
  • Who want to unlock the potential of their people, but need some guidance in how to do that in a time efficient way.
  • Where performance of their people really counts for delivering ambitious goals.

The Audience will leave with…

  • Clarity around what they, as leaders, can do to have the most profound impact on the brains of their people.
  • A choice of habits to start focusing on that will help them trigger the ‘High Performing Neural Environments’ in their teams.
  • Very specific, practical tips to activate the reward networks in themselves and their colleagues.

Full Keynote Description

Leaders are often passionate, smart, hard working and wanting to do their best by their teams and their company. The decisions they have to make are complex, often urgent and hard. Their time is precious and they are pulled in many directions. 

This keynote is designed to equip them with an evidence based approach to wise priorities when it comes to leading their people. What leader skills will be the most worthwhile investment of their attention? When hard decisions need to be made, what should guide them? 

Learning how to guide a team’s brains and work with them rather than against them is hugely valuable and impacts everything from engagement and wellbeing to creativity and productivity.

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