Live or Virtual Science-based Keynotes that enable your People’s Whole Brain Potential™.

There is a myth that we only use 10% of our brain.

It’s a falsehood that taps into our deep ambition to access more of our brain potential. 


That everyone has a gap between their current performance and their full brain potential.

A gap that can be closed by redesigning the way we work.

For 18 years, Amy, the Founder and Director of Synaptic Potential, has been working with organisations around the world.

Choosing Amy Brann as your Keynote Speaker means:

  • Engaging insights that help people work more efficiently and effectively
  • Inspiring ways to habitualise powerful new behaviours
  • A memorable experience with depth that people will talk about for years to come

“You deserve huge credit for your presentation. I loved it!”

“A BIG thank you to you! You were in great form and you deserve huge credit for your presentation. I loved it! Virtually every delegate rated you either Very Good or Excellent. That’s quite rare. Congratulations! Thank you very much for spending time with the delegates throughout the day; that’s also rare, and greatly appreciated. I’ll have no hesitation in recommending you to our clients for future speaking opportunities.”

Bob Mackenzie, Director, Benchmark for Business

So Why is it so rare for people to access their whole brain potential?

Reason #1

Brain performance changes depending on the context.

Reason #2

People aren’t taught how their brain performs best.

Reason #3

Organisations aren’t optimised for getting the best performance from their people.

WHAT Can organisation’s do about this?

Achieving your full brain performance relies on knowing how your brain works best and having the neuro-based tools that allow you to access more of your brain potential in the moment. Amy provides your people with a framework, built around 3 core stages and using evidence-based insights from the field of neuroscience, that provides your people with what they need to do this.


Reimagining the possibilities of human brain performance.


Redesigning behaviours, mindframes and environments to enhance brain performance.


Reinforcing the changes to ensure performance is sustained over time.

In her Live or Virtual Speaking Events, Amy gives your people the framework they need to access their full potential and shift high-performance from a rare event to a regular one.

Neuro-based tools to empower your people’s best work.

Amy shows your people how they can intentionally sculpt their neural pathways to improve performance and well-being by harnessing insights from neuroscience about how the brain works best.

Changing Behaviour

People often choose the wrong behavioural strategy when carrying out their daily tasks. Amy provides your people with practical ways to shift their behaviour to ensure they are maximizing the potential of each and every moment of the day.

Shifting Mindframes

Mindframes colour the way people think, often without them realising. Amy sheds light on how to capitalise on this in-built asset so that they can think beyond themselves, and envision what other people can’t.

Designing environments

The physical environment can help or hinder how well people think and perform. Amy shows your people how to align their physical environment with their brain state to ensure they can deliver their very best work. 

About Amy

Amy is a Specialist Consultant, Founder of Synaptic Potential, Author and Speaker.

Synaptic Potential was founded  in 2010 when Amy recognised that organisations were missing a key ingredient for how to get the most out of their people. She had seen first hand how morale rapidly falls when people don’t feel fulfilled and engaged at work and knew there had to be a better way.

Choose the right keynote for your organisation…

Amy offers tailored keynotes for a range of different audiences and requirements. At the heart of each one is the message that creating a high performing brain starts with knowing your brain better, together with practical brain hacks and tools that people can immediately start applying after the session to bring out the best in themselves and their teams.


Sustainable High Performance

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Understanding the science behind truly sustainable high performance. The ingredients you need to pay attention to, and systematically address, in order to unlock your people’s full potential. The framework we cover in this keynote will enable your people to know HOW to actually create that elusive high performance people are always saying they need.


Leading at Work

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Busy leaders need to be clear on what to focus on to effectively unlock the High Performing Neural Environments of their people. This keynote can focus on any of our 8 Hallmarks of High Performing Leaders to give the specific tools to build a culture that supports the organisation’s objectives.


Learning at Work

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In a rapidly changing world people need strong cultures of learning where continuous development is recognised and encouraged. Understanding how the brain actually learns saves everyone time and energy. The neuroscientifically underpinned framework we summarise offers great depth along with practical applications. 


Wellbeing at Work

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Wellbeing is now frequently recognised as a non-negotiable. Maintaining wellness in these global environments though can be hard. We explore the genetic and environmental factors you can influence to remain as well as possible so you can live a fulfilling life contributing to what is important to you.

Please get in touch to find out more about the Keynotes, Consultancy and Workshops offered by Amy and the Synaptic Potential team


Science of Behaviours

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Behaviour Change is vital to any healthy, dynamic, agile organisation. There is a wealth of science that informs us in ensuring desired behaviours go from Rare to Regular. This keynote capitalises on these insights and equips your people with the tools and strategies they need to catalyse positive, sustainable change.   

“Our managers are using phrases from your speech and presentation now in their everyday work!”

“Amy thanks a lot!!! You should know that our managers are using phrases from your speech and presentation now in their everyday work! So thank you very much indeed! It was extremely useful for us.”

Anastasia Titova, Head of Human Resources, Organization and People Care at Falck Renewables SpA

What to expect when you secure Amy Brann

as your Keynote Speaker

Step 1 - Keynote Questionnaire

The purpose of our keynote questionnaire is to understand your needs. We want to serve you well and ensure we contribute to a very successful event so people are really impressed. As we have been doing this for many years now, we know the information that is helpful to us to enable us to best serve you. This questionnaire gives you the opportunity to share all the logistical and outcome based information that we need upfront.

If you choose to partner with us, then we send you a contract and give you access to our speaker booker pack which includes everything you need in the run up to the event. 

Step 2 - Initial Briefing Call

During our initial briefing call we want to hear more details about this event. Feel free to send us any collateral beforehand for Amy to digest and familiarise herself with your internal language. Amy will have more content focused questions for you, and is happy to answer any questions you have for her. 

Step 3 - Tailor the Keynote

Ensuring that the stories included are the best fit for your audience, any sensitive topics are avoided, the specific, practical takeaways are going to be the most impactful for your people is what happens during this step. 

Step 4 - Final Briefing

We like to run our thoughts by you so there are no surprises on the day! We want you to have the opportunity to suggest any tweaks or finer nuances that make our messages super relevant and actionable for your people

Step 5 - Post Event Debrief

After your event we are happy to have a call with your stakeholders to explain anything we noticed on the day. We are often in a privileged position to see or hear things that could be of value to you.

More than just a keynote

We know that a single keynote isn’t often enough to deliver sustainable change. That’s why we also offer the option to pair any of our keynotes with digital resource packs (includuding bite sized videos), workshops or consultancy to make sure your people get the most out of the session and have the ongoing collateral and support they need to embed the newly learned know-how into their daily work.

+ Resource Packs

Complement your keynote with a resource pack which allows people to build on what they learnt during the session.


Pair your keynote with a hands-on workshop where your people get to discuss the content and bring it to life in their daily work.

+ Consultancy

Get expert guidance on the implementation of subsequent in-house development initiatives to ensure that the benefits are aligned, cumulative and sustained.

Start a Conversation with Amy

Please get in touch to find out more about the Keynotes, Consultancy and Workshops offered by Amy and the Synaptic Potential team.