Additional Keynote Resources

Synaptic Potential are often asked to design and supply additional keynote resources. We know the power of dripping resources in over a period of time to remind people of messages that resonated with them during a powerful keynote. The keynote resources can take many forms. Normally we’ll work with organisers to understand what their people are already responding to, or most likely to! Then we’ll suggest content and delivery formats that will work best. If your people already get together at regular times throughout a year then there might be a video that could be supplied for them to watch together and then discuss. Perhaps teams may benefit from a particular whitepaper that they can then reflect on and see what the applications are within their context. Or maybe some quick and direct resources that can be shared on Teams channels could be useful. 

Showcase Digital Resources

Showcase Videos

How to BUILD a habit

How to think up your best ideas

What’s the best way to learn something?

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Creating the Environment for Productive Virtual Teams

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Published Books

Make Your Brain Work

How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness.


The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organizations.

Neuroscience For Coaches

How Coaches and Managers can use the latest neuroscientific insights to benefit their clients and teams.