High Performance Consultant

Strategies for enhancing organisational performance through the lens of neuroscience.

High performance doesn’t happen at random.

It doesn’t happen by accident.

It happens because people make intentional changes to the way they approach something, to the way they think about something, or to the environment they are in.

But change doesn’t happen easily and it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to unlocking your people’s Whole Brain Potential™.

That’s where Amy, as a sustainable high performance consultant, and the team at Synaptic Potential come in.

For the past 18 years, they have been providing organisations around the world with high performance consultancy on how to get the very best out of their people, using insights from the field of neuroscience.

Their novel science-based approach to people development gives organisations the insights they need to cumulatively enhance performance in a brain-friendly way that creates a thriving, productive and happy workforce.

“During our consultancy session every single sentence was a nugget of gold”

“Pretty quickly in our selection process you set yourself apart from the crowd. Your understanding of the situations we described and exploration of solutions you could offer showed a superior grasp of your field that was at once both credible and engaging. During our consultancy session every single sentence was a nugget of gold. I’ve got pages of notes. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Hodl Whittaker, Learning Manager for Group, Tesco

How we’ll work together

The framework that Amy, as a high performance consultant, and the team delivers for unlocking brain potential is built around 3 core stages that show people how to access their whole brain potential™.


Reimagining the possibilities of human brain performance.


Redesigning behaviors, mindframes and environments to enhance brain performance.


Reinforcing the changes to ensure performance is sustained over time.

“You are very knowledgeable and able to answer anything that is thrown at you.”

For me, I really enjoyed the whole day and especially the morning. I value your grounding in research and the strong connections to that. You are very knowledgeable and able to answer anything that is thrown at you.

Jane Sendall, VP, Learning and OD, Warner Bros

Experts in Sustainable High Performance

Amy and the team work with organisations to help them intentionally shape their Leaders, Managers and Teams so that they can achieve their Whole Brain Potential™ in a way that is sustainable over time.

Hallmarks of High Performance

In an increasingly complex world, it’s essential that your Leaders, Managers and Teams have the skills and capabilities to navigate their way through change, challenge and opportunity. Amy provides you with expert guidance on the hallmarks of high performance that will allow your people to thrive, whatever the future brings.

Focusing on the behaviors, mindframes and environments that matter most.

It’s sometimes hard to know where to start when it comes to developing people’s full brain potential. Amy works with you to provide a blueprint for how to implement organizational strategies that target the mindframes, behaviors and environment that matters most to high performance.

Sustainable change across the organisation

Continuous improvement in performance requires new ways of working that are sustainable and quickly embedded into daily practice. Amy works with you from start to finish to make sure your people have the readiness through to the habits that are necessary to achieve this.

Start a Conversation with Amy

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