Amy is the author of 3 published books. Watch the video trailers for each of them by selecting the book’s title and navigate to the book’s individual webpage by clicking the front covers

Make Your Brain Work: Everyone wants to be more effective at work and to get maximum impact from minimum effort. Make Your Brain Work shows you how, using the latest insights from neuroscience about how our mind works and what really makes us tick. Author Amy Brann is an expert in brain science, but you don’t have to be: she has distilled the key findings you need into non-technical, practical guidance. Read this clear, engaging book and discover the things you can do to get yourself functioning at the top of your capabilities, more of the time. Learn the habits, techniques and behaviours that will get you the results you want, by making your brain work for you. Leave stress, overwhelm, negative moods and poor time management behind!

Neuroscience for Coaches: The world of Coaching is competitive. Organizations want to work with people who deliver results, and can prove it. Individuals have less disposable income to put towards things that are seen as risky. Coaching tools and techniques are now fairly well established…but how do they actually work? The Coach who can answer this question is sought after. Within the next 3 years it will be expected that one can back up what they do with research and evidence that it works. ‘Neuroscience for Coaches gives Coaches the confidence to sell their services from a more congruent place. They are equipped with a fundamental understanding of how this organ that they are interacting with on a daily basis actually works. They are able to explain to their clients the neurological underpinning to what they are about to do with them.

Engaged: Our brain is central to everything we do. Neuroscience is the discipline that is rapidly gathering more data about how our brains work. The premise of the book is that by understanding more about how we work we can create organizations that both enable us to work better, and enjoy that process.