Science-based Keynotes, Consulting and Workshops that enable your People’s Whole Brain Potential™.

Each person within your organisation has a unique set of brain skills and capabilities that fuels the performance and success of your company.

But how often do these brilliant people actually access their FULL BRAIN PERFORMANCE when carrying out their daily work?

Let me tell you the answer.


So how do you SOLVE this?

By showing your people how their BRAIN WORKS so they can tap into what’s hidden within their neural circuitry.

THIS, quite literally, CHANGES EVERYTHING…

…and Amy Brann will show your people how.

The Whole Brain Potential™ Framework

The solutions that Synaptic Potential offers are built around 3 core stages that show people how to access their full brain performance.

Reimagine Icon - Full Brain Performance Framework


Reimagining the possibilities of human brain performance.

Redesign Icon - Full Brain Performance Framework


Redesigning behaviours, mindframes and environments to enhance brain performance.

Reinforce Icon - Full Brain Performance Framework


Reinforcing the changes to ensure performance is sustained over time.

Trusted by….

“One of Amy Brann’s differentiating factors is her ability to link real business problems to solutions”

“Amy is able to discuss a range of topics in a manner where she demonstrates deep knowledge and understanding of neuroscience yet translates this into a simple matter-of-fact way. She is articulate in her delivery and is able to build on ideas in a collaborative way. She is very responsive and provides high quality work in short periods of time. Finally for me, one of Amy’s differentiating factors is her ability to link real business problems to solutions.”

Caroline Henderson, Director, Global Assurance Talent Team, EY

Choose the best solution for your organisation…

Keynote Speaking Amy Brann


Inspiring live and virtual audiences with fresh ideas & a new shared language.

Consultancy - Amy Brann


Partnering with you to provide expert time-saving insight.

Workshops - Amy Brann

Workshops & Programmes

Big concepts packaged for practical application in your context.

“I haven’t seen the group latch on to something so quickly in such a strong way.”

“Our senior team introductory session with Amy Brann provoked a high level of interest and engagement. Since working in this role, I haven’t seen the group latch on to something so quickly in such a strong way.”

Steven Napier, International HR Director, Twinings Ovaltine

What you’ll experience when working with Amy

Keynote Speaker Amy Brann Strategies Icon

Practical strategies. Applied

Amy is known for her passionate presentations, rich with practical applications delivered in an interactive and novel style. 

Keynote Speaker Amy Brann Insights Icon

Evidence Based Insights

Her invaluable takeaways, based on today’s latest neuroscience research, are embedded in her message that accessing your full potential is made possible by knowing how your brain works best. 

Keynote Speaker Amy Brann Curiosity Icon


To unlock more of their full brain potential, Amy instils your people with the curiosity to improve, explore what’s possible and redesign themselves with confidence and purpose. 

Keynote Speaker Amy Brann Explained Icon


Everything Amy does keeps your people at the centre with easy-to-digest bite-size brain hacks that make for effortless, multi-dimensional learning that doesn’t fade.

Meet Amy Brann

Amy is Founder and Director of Synaptic Potential, an Author, and Speaker.

Synaptic Potential was founded  in 2010 when Amy recognised that organisations were missing a key ingredient for how to get the most out of their people. She had seen first hand how morale rapidly falls when people don’t feel fulfilled and engaged at work and knew there had to be a better way.

About Synaptic Potential

Synaptic Potential is a people development organisation with a difference.

That difference is harnessing the power of brain science to reveal what is really driving your people’s engagement and performance at work and using evidence-based insights to empower people to achieve their best possible selves.

By translating the latest know-how on how the brain works best into practical work strategies, Synaptic Potential offers people and organisations a way to enhance performance, not just manage it, leading the way towards a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

“The neuroscience training was insightful and really appealed to me to know how and why we do things the things we do.”

“The neuroscience training was insightful and really appealed to me to know how and why we do things the things we do. I found it applies so often to the every day work that I do; whether that’s in training, coaching or development chats, it’s something that has resonated and adds gravitas to those conversations.”

Claire Kearney, Commercial Training Manager, News UK

Amy Brann’s Books

Amy is the author of several books that explore how harnessing the power of the brain can level up performance and coaching outcomes.

Amy Brann - Author - Make Your Brain Work Book
Amy Brann Author Engaged Book
Amy Brann - Author - Neuroscience for Coaches Book

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