Neuroscience of Innovation – Help Your Brain Create Keynote

What’s it all about?

You want your people to be more innovative. This means you need to be building better brains for innovation. Thankfully, that is what we specialise in. There is a process and by understanding what is going on inside people when they come up with genius ideas you can ensure you are helping rather than hindering people. 

Amy Brann shares the science and practical steps you can take to increase innovation in this keynote. She has seen the challenges organisations have in becoming a more innovative culture and discloses how you can shortcut to success, avoiding their pains.

Join Amy to discover:

  • How to create an innovative culture

  • How to avoid the mistakes most companies are making

  • Tips to increase the quality of new ideas

Who benefits most from this?

  • Leaders

  • Managers

What benefits can your people expect?

  • To come up with more ideas and better ideas

  • To become more confident ‘innovating’

This keynote could be exactly what you need if:

  • Your organisation needs more people to be more innovative

  • More of the ideas need to be successful quicker

How this Keynote will Impress your Board

  • Innovation is on the critical skills list for the future of work

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