Engaged Keynote

What’s it all about?

Imagine waking up on Monday mornings feeling excited about the week ahead, and reaching Friday’s feeling fulfilled. There is both a strong business and personal case behind creating this to be our reality…however for most people and organisations there are a range of untapped opportunities. The old measures of success no longer suffice. People are looking for organisations that deliver more than just a pay pack. For the first time in history we have the technology to see what is going on inside people’s brains and really get to grips with what this means for us in organisations (along with what it doesn’t mean!).

Join Amy to discover:

  • The beautifully simple model that gets RESULTS (It really is simple, but shapes your thinking powerfully)

  • The winning scientific formula – are you investing in the right component?

  • How change really happens – you can’t help but change!

Who benefits most from this?

  • Leaders

  • Managers

  • Those responsible for shaping cultures

What benefits can you expect?

  • Confidence in how to engage people at a core level

  • Practical ways to start improving any organisation step by step

  • Inspired individuals to create something more effective

This keynote could be exactly what you need if:

  • You want people to be resilient, committed and flexible

  • You value the impact an engaged workforce can make

  • Things are changing and you want people to be change ready

  • People may be jaded and in need of refreshment or simply want to reach new levels of achievement

Steven Napier

International HR Director, TwiningsOvaltine

“Our senior team introductory session with Amy provoked a high level of interest and engagement. Since working in this role, I haven’t seen the group latch on to something so quickly in such a strong way.”

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