Are you looking for a great speaker for your next event?

Amy is known for her passionate presentations brimming over with practically applicable information and strategies delivered in an interactive and novel style, which keeps her audience engaged and inspired to put quickly into action the insights, which they easily remember.

We will give you the Synaptic Potential Approach

The neuro-based, scientifically-inspired methodology and toolset for intentionally improving intelligent potential and getting results from people and culture.

Neuroscience of Innovation – The Help Your Brain Create Keynote

Neuroscience of Innovation KeynoteAmy Brann shares the science and practical steps you can take to increase innovation in this keynote. She has seen the challenges organisations have in becoming a more innovative culture and discloses how you can shortcut to success, avoiding their pains. 


Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • The physical environments that will support innovation

  • The mental nudges for high quality innovation

  • Brain protectors for the innovation process

Neuroscience of Performance – The Make Your Brain Work Keynote

Neuroscience of PerformanceThe ‘Make Your Brain Work’ keynote is a choice you can make with confidence. Audiences are fascinated to learn about the inner workings of their brain and mind and excited by the potential they hold within themselves.


Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • Feeling more in control through the use of specific, easy to implement, ‘brain friendly’ approaches

  • An infectious state of being proactive

  • People creating more helpful habits

Partnership between Humans and AI Keynote

Partrnership with AI KeynoteThe Partnership between Humans and AI keynote is a hot topic with very insightful underpinnings. Organisations need to get ahead in this area. Being prepared can save lots of cash, improve productivity and retain your best talent.


Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • Equip your people to be strengthening their uniquely human capabilities

  • Understand how and where to focus your people’s attention

  • Become prepared and excited about the opportunities that come with AI

Engaged Brains Keynote

Engaged Brains KeynoteImagine waking up on Monday mornings feeling excited about the week ahead, and reaching Friday’s feeling fulfilled. There is both a strong business and personal case behind creating this to be our reality


Learning Objectives / Takeaways:

  • Confidence in how to engage people at a core level

  • Practical ways to start improving any organisation step by step

  • Inspired individuals to create something more effective

The team loves creating keynotes and workshops for your needs. Here are some that have been very successful in the past:

  • IAmy Brann Keynote Speakernnovation & Creativity

  • Optimizing leadership

  • Cross-training for Leaders

  • Time Critical Behaviour Change

  • The Future of Learning

  • Creating Intentional Cultures


Jane Sendall

Warner Bros, VP, Learning and OD, EMEA and Asia Pacific

“I value your grounding in research and the strong connections to that. You are very knowledgeable and able to answer anything that is thrown at you.”

Ben Whitter

Director of Organisational Development, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

“Amy is a superbly engaging trainer who uses fun and innovative ways to train. Not afraid to tackle the “hard science” behind the human brain, she uses this to give a great context to her training sessions. Katie Bard worked with Amy on a specially designed session for our team and she was quick to respond with ideas on the areas we could focus on in the session. She had really done her research to understand the core principles and ethos behind what we do and how we operate as a recruitment business to ensure these we promoted throughout the session. Amy was constantly open to feedback and a delight to work with!”

Stefanie Bechthold

Brand, Marketing and Communications, EY

“Amy Brann, you are a highly gifted presenter”