Looking for an engaging, inspiring speaker who shares bite size actionable takeaways? Amy Brann consistently delivers, building better brains for business.

Knowing How Your Brain Works Changes … Everything

For leaders, organisations and audiences around the world, Amy Brann is changing lives. Her engaging keynotes are known as immensely entertaining, but they feature real science, never reality-show fluff. Invaluable bite-sized, actionable takeaways from today’s latest neuroscience research are embedded in her impassioned message that our full potential is unleashed by getting more from our brains.  A lofty statement she backs up with proven results:  Equipping leaders to lead more confidently and effectively; transforming organisations to optimize their human collateral; and inspiring audiences to believe it’s within their power to build a better brain. Amy’s proven, step-by-step approach makes it accessible and real.

The author of three wildly popular game-changing books, Make Your Brain Work; Neuroscience for Coaches; and The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organizations’, every day is Amy Brann’s latest chapter in bringing out the best in leaders, organisations and audiences.  Insight and thought leadership delivered with a human touch, but guided by a higher purpose from a woman on a mission:  Teaching us to believe that our true potential to become the very best we can be is possibly by simply leveraging the art of how to build a better brain.

Amy Brann helps you build better brains!

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Amy will…

  • …Show you how to create strong, positive and productive cultures

  • …Give your people an understanding in how to feel engaged and create environments where they can do their best work

  • …Show you how to deliver a step-by-step change in organizational performance and individual achievement



Amy is a globally recognised expert in the neuroscience of performance. She has spoken in 16 different countries, additionally sharing messages virtually in many more to over 100,000 people.


Amy frequently facilitates discussion, and designs and delivers bespoke workshops to senior leaders and board members.


Knowing how our brains learn and change means we are frequently trusted to create impactful resources that support long term deep change.

Building Better Brains


Choosing Amy Brann as your Keynote speaker means you know:

  • Brains Drive Results

  • For Employees to Bring Their A-Game, They Need to Have an A-Game

And you want:

Content designed to provide takeaways and tools that are the basis for people to take responsibility to become the best they can be.

We Partner in Your Success by Equipping Your Employees to Succeed

Given a choice, everyone wants a mental upgrade, but how?  We know what it takes; it’s science, not guesswork. Specific traits and skills, deeply researched, neuroscience insight, confirmed in the real world. You’ll feel good watching your people become more valuable assets each week, prouder more capable and confident. They’ll feel good about themselves and the company that provided smart, fascinating learning tools to make it all possible.

…But Even Superior Content Alone Isn’t Enough: That’s Where Our Unique Delivery Comes In…

Even superior content can’t perform to its full potential without delivery to inspire engagement.  Everything we do keeps your people at the centre. Easy-to digest bite-size daily chunks make for virtually effortless, multi-dimensional learning. The very design of your experience prevents the lessons from fading. The Building Better Brains programme combines essential ingredients that strengthen critical traits you want your people to be demonstrating. Thinking about learning and change from the employee’s perspective makes amazing things possible.

…And, Complex Concepts Explained Simply, Built to Engage and Inspire Innovation.

Our Content is Scientifically Underpinned…

Unleashing the potential of your people is what the Synaptic Potential team lives for. No one knows brains, as we do, and you’ll see that passion when Amy speaks: we are the geeks, who love staying current in how you can optimize thinking and performance, so you can relax, knowing your people are receiving cutting-edge and insight-rich content in a way that positively shapes them.

For Employees to Bring Their A-Game, They Need to Have an A-Game.

You have intelligent employees, imagine each on a mission to be the best they can be, even top performers. The Building Better Brains Package you get when you book an Amy Brann keynote makes it possible. To up their game with powerful new skills, we instil curiosity to improve, explore the new and innovate with confidence and purpose. And as the best versions of themselves, they’ll take responsibility for the past, own the present and then boldly create their future. From an enterprise perspective, that will result in more innovation, higher level thinking and ultimately a tighter, more effective organization.

Amy Brann, International Speaker and Respected Business Author:

  • Inspiring and Enabling Exceptional Performance – Sculpting your Organization to Achieve More

  • Give your people an understanding in how to feel engaged and create environments where they can do their best work. Amy Brann delivers “timeless wisdom with modern neuroscience”.

  • A Passionate Speaker Who Will Give Your People an Experience, a Message and the Tools so that They Won’t Forget!

  • Amy Brann has the credibility and zeal to make a big impact at your event.

Brendan Barns, Founder, London Business Forum

“I thought you did a great job. You prepared very diligently and you kept your session firmly focused on a few core areas. This paid huge dividends as the ‘enthusiastic’ period demonstrated. We’ll definitely have you back in the future!”

Claire Kearney, Commercial Training Manager, News UK

“The neuroscience training was insightful and really appealed to me to know how and why we do things the things we do. I found it applies so often to the every day work that I do; whether that’s in training, coaching or development chats, it’s something that has resonated and adds gravitas to those conversations.”

Jane Sendall, Warner Bros, VP, Learning and OD

“I value your grounding in research and the strong connections to that. You are very knowledgeable and able to answer anything that is thrown at you.”

Ben Whitter, Director of Organisational Development, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

“Amy is a superbly engaging trainer who uses fun and innovative ways to train. Not afraid to tackle the “hard science” behind the human brain, she uses this to give a great context to her training sessions. Katie Bard worked with Amy on a specially designed session for our team and she was quick to respond with ideas on the areas we could focus on in the session. She had really done her research to understand the core principles and ethos behind what we do and how we operate as a recruitment business to ensure these we promoted throughout the session. Amy was constantly open to feedback and a delight to work with!”

Stefanie Bechthold, Brand, Marketing and Communications, Ernst & Young

“Amy Brann, you are a highly gifted presenter”

Steven Napier, International HR Director, TwiningsOvaltine

“Our senior team introductory session with Amy provoked a high level of interest and engagement. Since working in this role, I haven’t seen the group latch on to something so quickly in such a strong way.”

AnneLind – MD Financial Services, Management Consulting Lead Nordic, Talent and Organisation Lead Nordic, Accenture, Finland

“Thanks – yesterday was a great start. I simply loved it, it was wonderful to see your passion and expertise in action. I had a chat with my colleagues on our way back to the office. We all thought it was extremely valuable and your storytelling combined to exemplifying was simply great!” 

Professor Cara Aitchison, Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff Metropolitan University

“Amy Brann provided a session on ‘Risk’ for around 60 senior leaders within our university. Her subject knowledge, delivered with energy and enthusiasm, engaged the audience from the outset and she managed to reset the organisation’sattitude to risk, which had previously been rather risk averse, to align far better with the goals of the new Strategic Plan. The session was fun and informative and also offered a valuable opportunity for staff to get to know each other.”

Bob Mackenzie, Director, Benchmark for Business

“A BIG thank you to you! You were in great form and you deserve huge credit for your presentation. I loved it! Virtually every delegate rated you either Very Good or Excellent. That’s quite rare. Congratulations! Thank you very much for spending time with the delegates throughout the day; that’s also rare, and greatly appreciated 🙂 I’ll have no hesitation in recommending you to our clients for future speaking opportunities.”

Gillian Morris, Head of Talent Management, Jaguar Land Rover

“Thanks so much for your session, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Once again, it was a privilege to hear you talk about neuroscience in a way that is accessible and relevant for an HR audience.  Of particular interest was the neuroscience behind how we can prepare our brains for optimal performance, and the discussion on what will be the preserve of humans in an AI world.”

Mayank Chandla, Associate Partner and SAP AribaLeader - IBM Europe

“You were great on stage and great content and I am sure the message you delivered, added value to everyone. SAP AribaLive is quite a marquee event and I am sure you can drive great mileage from delivering a key note here.”

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  • Warner Brothers,
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